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This CCJA web site is about jury argument  in criminal cases. Some call it final argument, closing argument or summation. Our goal is to assist prosecutors
and defenders who want to develop their skills in preparing and delivering persuasive jury arguments.
For advocates who are trying to put it all together for jury argument,
you'll notice that we regularly add new how-to-do-it information.  


A trial lawyer is a professional speaker.  Every advocate who tries cases has the obligation to become a better talker and communicator ... to make every word count. Some of us are not content to make the same old tired arguments time and time again. We recognize that our choice of words and linguistic style may be as important in communicating persuasively with the jurors as the message we want to deliver. 

    Yet for those of us trying to improve our craft, it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel every time we face the task of preparing and delivering  a jury argument. The suggestions and examples contained in this site are here to cheer the argumentative spirit, to awaken enthusiasm, and to stir the imagination. Those lawyers who are born to eloquence will have no need of our resources. But the rest of us, whether trying our first or fiftieth case, may find useful how-to-do-it stuff in the site. Try it out, and judge for yourself.

Ray Moses

Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.

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an academic visitor at the Law School of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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Verdict 7/5/2011
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Prosecution Opening Jury Argument @ 8:30:00 in George Zimmerman Murder Trial
Part 2
Defense Jury Argument
Part 2 @ 4:30:00
Prosecution Closing
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Prosecution Argument in
Jodi Arias Capital Murder Case - This defendant was her own worst enemy. The AZ jury found her eligible for the death penalty.

(Prosecution Opening Argument - Instructions @ 6:03:00; argument begins @ 32:00.00)
(Defense Argument1, 2, 3)
(Prosecution Rebuttal)
(Punishment hearing)